Manufacturing Services

Laser Cutting Service from MVM

At MVM we have invested in the very best technology available with a Bystronic Bystar laser cutting machine. This machine can cut through a range of material including mild steel (25mm thick) and stainless steel (20mm thick). This technology allows us to provide our customers with excellent laser cutting service.

Our laser cutting service gives some well established advantages over a more traditional punching operation. Advantages include no tooling cost (big advantage on small run items with complex shapes), higher quality edge finish and fast set up times.

Our design and manufacturing department can also read most CAD formats and use this data to directly program the laser using Jetcam CNC software. Hence we can offer a very speedy and cost effective service.

Punch & Fold

Here we have chosen a Wiedemann CNC punch press with 20 capacity. Not only is this punch machine accurate to within 0.1mm but also fast and reliable with up to 410 hits per minute, which helps to ensure competitive pricing and on-time delivery.

We have three press brakes on our fold section. We have an Amada 7 axis press brake which gives us great accuracy and flexibility. This can fold sections up to 3m in length in a range of materials and thicknesses (10T per foot max). We can accurately fold sections to within 0.25mm.


Jetcam CADCAM and nesting software is utilised to program our CNC machines and chosen for the high degree of automation coupled with an unparalleled ease of use which assists us with ensuring the best sheet utilization. We can also take your CAD information and convert this data into a flat pattern developments using Solidworks CAD software before using this information to program the machines using Jetcam.