Case Study

As of 2017 MVM has started fabrication and assembly of new generation ticket machines for Parkeon Transit Ltd. These ticket machines will be installed in railway stations in the north of the united kingdom. MVM have been working with Parkeon over the past 18 months designing and developing both Cashless and Cash versions of a modern new style of machine providing a better user experience, offering a wide range of payment options.
The machines are built in MVM’s factory in Poole, where they are also tested and commissioned before being packed ready for collection to their nominated installation site.

The machines are being very well received, both in the UK and abroad, gaining a lot of positive interest from other customers looking also to update at some point.

Train Ticket Machine
Train Ticket Machine

The machines are designed for both internal and external use having been through extensive trials to withstand the different external environmental conditions that they will be exposed to on Railway Platforms.

They are finished with a durable anti graffiti textured paint for long term protection achieved through treating with an E coating process, a method used by car manufacturers that uses an electrical current to deposit the paint providing excellent corrosion resistance, paint displacement and adhesion.